To All of our Amazing Clients and Friends

Couture Salon and Spa will be closing its doors to the public at the end of business on Saturday, October 15th. We will be honoring all appointments through the end of the day Saturday.

I have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and want to personally thank you for choosing Couture. I hope you all enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed spending ours with you. I have made the personal decision to close as I no longer have the level of time that Couture and my staff need to continue to be its best.

A portion of my staff have found their future salon. For those who have not, please feel free to email us at info@mycouturesalon.com and we will keep you updated about their future salon as well as any contact information they have given us permission to share.

At this time, Briana and Alyssa are working for Evolve Salon and Spa, and Gwen is working at Cuts on the Corner in Quakertown. Felicia Lehr is working at Among Friends in Bethlehem. Caitlin can be contacted by email at caitlin.k714@gmail.comAll of the staff have been provided client contact information for all clients they have serviced within the last six months. All pre-booked appointments have been shared with the staff and will be scheduled and honored at the staff member's new location.

We have reached out to everyone that we have contact information for regarding gift cards. If you have a gift card you would like reimbursement for (must have been purchased, not donated) please email your full legal name, your address, and your gift card number to info@mycouturesalon.com and we will mail you a check for the remaining balance reflected in our software system.

Thank you for Choosing Couture!

Christina Little